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The Dyer Observer Newsletter and Articles

The fascinating Dyer Observer newsletter series is produced by our own Dr. Billy Teets. Each is quite special because the images, links, and animations are built in, making it unnecessary to install any special software or even download the newsletter — everything will be displayed on your computer or smart device from within your web browser.

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2024 Issues

We kick of the year in February with a look at Owls in our trees and in the sky!




2023 Issues

December finishes the “Year of Barnard” plus offers an exciting look at the Firework nebula.

November follows E. E. Barnard to Yerkes, takes a look back at the Mariner mission, offers a new look at the Crab Nebula, and features Uranus as the object of the month.

The October edition features E. E. Barnard’s expanding skill in the new field of astrophotography, Hubble’s revealing look at a dying star, and fun Halloween-like images that lurk in our sky.

In our September issue, we highlight the discovery that made Edward Barnard a name heard ’round the world.  We also delve into the details of the October 14, 2023, annular solar eclipse, including what eager viewers will be able to see, where they need to be, and (most importantly) what they will need to be able to safely observe the spectacle.  This and more await you!

After a summer hiatus, Dr. Billy put together an August issue that you won’t want to miss! The “Year of Barnard” continues with an exploration of his first forays into astrophotography, the latest discoveries from Webb and Hubble, a closer look at big astro history dates this month, our love/(mostly) hate of stinkbugs, image of the month, and more!

Our April issue continues the “The year of Barnard” as we learn more about Edward Emerson Barnard’s accomplishments, the latest “wows!” from Hubble and Webb, a down-to-Earth “Image of the Month,” and more!

Our March issue continues the “The year of Barnard” as we learn more about Edward Barnard’s accomplishments while in Nashville. Learn about a galaxy Barnard discovered with his own telescope that would revolutionize our understanding of the universe, check out a grand nebula featured in our “Image of the Month,” and more!

The February issue continues the “The year of Barnard” as we learn more about Edward Barnard’s accomplishments while in Nashville. Also inside we explore an often-overlooked phenomenon you don’t need a telescope to see, check out a nebula Barnard discovered on his own in our “Image of the Month,” highlight Dyer’s first public events of the year, and more!

Our January issue ushers in “The year of Barnard” as we remember this legendary astronomer on the centennial of his passing. Also inside is a stunning explanation of the Sun’s winding motion in the sky, a local look at the “green comet” and Lunar X, notable historic and current January events, and a big finish with the Rosette Nebula.



2022 Issues

The November+December 2022 issue highlights the successful launch of NASA’s Artemis I, recent discoveries of a nearby black hole and three potentially hazardous asteroids, the return of the Evening Star to our dusky sky, and more!

October 2022, Dr. Billy put together 29 pages of the latest astronomy news, a focus on celestial phenomena that are especially spooky for the season, Dyer updates, and the special image of the month!

The September 2022 newsletter articles include: a gloriously illustrated article exploring fascinating new discoveries found in the JWST first images, a chart of the September night sky, Dr. Billy’s image of the Ring Nebula with info, the astro calendar, Dyer updates, and more!

The June/early summer 2022 newsletter highlights the first direct views of our galaxy’s supermassive black hole and discusses Earth’s seasons, the Cat’s Eye Nebula, and M87.

The April+May 2022 newsletter features Webb Telescope updates, Dyer events, a look at the lunar eclipse, the farthest star ever discovered, and Dr. Billy’s signature “image of the month.”

The March 2022 newsletter features the announcement of a galaxy that shatters past records,  in-depth profiles of women who changed astronomy, a stunning “image of the month,”  and more!

February’s 2022 newsletter includes a Webb Telescope Update, a “crash course” on gravity, Black History icons, astronomy news headlines, a close-up look at Sirius and its “Pup,” sky charts, and more!

Our January 2022 newsletter includes Webb Telescope science, a discussion of the Moon at perigee and apogee, Venus at inferior conjunction, Mercury at greatest eastern elongation, and more!