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Useful Links

Astronomy News & General Information – News and information about current goings-on in the sky as well as a handy satellite-fly predictions for your area.  Updated daily.

Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) – A new daily celestial image with an explanation from a professional astronomer.

Portal to the Universe – A one stop news portal for all things astronomy.

Heavens-Above (set for Dyer Observatory) – Provides satellite fly-by predictions for your area as well as current locations of solar system objects.  To get the most accurate satellite predictions, set the page for your location (at the top of the page).

NASA Missions & Current News

Hubble Space Telescope Homepage – Learn about one of NASA’s workhorse observatories as well as the most recent press release image from the telescope, which as been in observing the universe for over 20 years.

Mars Exploration Homepage – Information and news about any of the past and current missions in orbit around or on the surface of the red planet.

Cassini Mission @ Saturn Homepage – Breath-taking images from the Cassini mission currently in orbit around the Saturn.  Also includes highlights of the mission that has been at Saturn since 2004.

Messenger @ Mercury Homepage – Learn about the closest planet to our Sun as well as new discoveries that are being made with the Messenger mission that is currently in orbit around Mercury.

New Horizons Mission to Pluto – Homepage of the New Horizons mission, which is destined to arrive at the dwarf planet Pluto in 2015.

What is the Sun Up To?

Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) – Constantly monitoring the Sun 24/7 for over 16 years while in orbit, SOHO has allowed us to learn an incredible amount of information about our own Sun and other stars.  In addition, this mission has discovered over 2,300 comets during its years in space.

Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) – Observe our nearest star up close and in unprecedented detail with NASA’s orbiting Solar Dynamics Observatory.  Learn about the Sun while viewing extraordinary images and movies of its beauty and power.

Current Hydrogen-Alpha (Hα) Solar Image – Want to know what the Sun looks like right now in the red light of hydrogen?  This page will do just that.  The red light of hydrogen emission allows on to observe prominences, filaments, and other phenomena on the Sun.

Miscellaneous Links

Vanderbilt University Homepage – Homepage of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. – Online astronomy encyclopedia,  dictionaries, and translations of astronomy terms between multiple languages including English, French, Chinese, and German.