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Visiting Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory

We offer tours, telescope nights, meet the astronomer evenings, Bluebird on the Mountain concerts, and more! We add events on our ticketing page as they become available.

ALL visits to Dyer must be during a ticketed event. We regret that we cannot accommodate drop-in visitors at this time.

Please note that we are closed from mid-December to March 1. We are only hosting rentals for the rest of 2022. Look for our 2023 calendar in early February.

Download this month’s Astro Calendar

Your astro companion is here–and this month offers many cosmic delights! Download a free PDF, JPG, SVG, or PNG to keep up with the best that December has to offer space enthusiasts.
Look for a new calendar every month on our website

Enjoy our Newsletter

Inside The Dyer Observer, you will find updates about Dyer Observatory and its upcoming events, engaging articles highlighting exciting astronomy news, a monthly sky map, an exciting image of the month, and more!

This newsletter is quite different from many others you have seen, for a key feature is its ability to have images, links, AND animations built right into it. No need to install any special software or even download the newsletter — everything will be displayed on your computer or smart device from within your web browser.

This October, Dr. Billy put together 29 pages of the latest astronomy news, a focus on celestial phenomena that are especially spooky for the season, Dyer updates, and the special image of the month!

The September newsletter articles include: a gloriously illustrated article exploring fascinating new discoveries found in the JWST first images, a chart of the September night sky, Dr. Billy’s image of the Ring Nebula with info, the astro calendar, Dyer updates, and more!

The June/early summer newsletter highlights the first direct views of our galaxy’s supermassive black hole and discusses Earth’s seasons, the Cat’s Eye Nebula, and M87.

The April+May newsletter features Webb Telescope updates, Dyer events, a look at the lunar eclipse, the farthest star ever discovered, and Dr. Billy’s signature “image of the month.”

The March newsletter features the announcement of a galaxy that shatters past records,  in-depth profiles of women who changed astronomy, a stunning “image of the month,”  and more!

February’s newsletter includes a Webb Telescope Update, a “crash course” on gravity, Black History icons, astronomy news headlines, a close-up look at Sirius and its “Pup,” sky charts, and more!

Our January newsletter includes Webb Telescope science, a discussion of the Moon at perigee and apogee, Venus at inferior conjunction, Mercury at greatest eastern elongation, and more!

Please feel free to share it!
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Have an Event at Dyer

Crowning one of Nashville’s tallest peaks, Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory offers park-like grounds, distinctive spaces, and celestial viewing–making us an exceptional venue for social and business events.

Please visit our Rentals page for more photos and information. Your rental fees help fund Dyer Observatory outreach efforts. Thank you!



Support Dyer Observatory

Our staff is committed to welcoming everyone to the top of our hill to learn about the wonders of the cosmos–not only through our telescopes, but with field trips, tours, lectures, summer camps, and special programming. All are offered to the public at low or no cost. Visitors may also enjoy our special vantage point of Earth itself, under a serene treed canopy and in the company of abundant wildlife.

Please consider helping us fulfill our mission with a donation. Any amount would make a world of difference. For information on how to send a check, please visit this page.

Enjoy Dyer’s educational resources at home

Visit our Educational Resources tab to access organized pages with links to lessons, opportunities to sign up for newsletters, interactive online tools, and our fun Quiz and Puzzle page!

View a fun talk by Dr. Erika Grundstrom where she discusses fun and rewarding “Community Science” opportunities for students and adults of all ages. It’s true that almost anyone can contribute to research from the comfort of their home! Interests from galaxies to bird watching are included.

Click here to access our video lecture page.

Click here to visit our YouTube Playlist that features past and upcoming videos.

Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory
1000 Oman Drive
Brentwood, TN 37027 (not on the main campus)

(615) 373-4897

We are closed to visitors the months of December, January, and February. We may be available for rentals during those times. Staff can be reached during the months we are closed.

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