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Request a FREE Presentation About the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

In preparation for the upcoming August 21, 2017, total solar eclipse, Vanderbilt University Dyer Observatory and the Vanderbilt University Physics & Astronomy Department are working to educate the public on the nature of solar eclipses with an emphasis on safe viewing practices. As part of this, we are offering the opportunity for free guest presentations about the eclipse at your facility. Presentations will be approximately 45 minutes in length with an additional 15 minutes for question/answer sessions.

You may submit a request by going to the following link:  Eclipse Presentation Request Form

Meet the Astronomer – Friday April 7 at 7pm

Dr. Robert Scherrer – “What is the Universe Made Of?”

Over the past three decades, cosmologists have made remarkable strides in understanding what the universe is made of, and it’s weirder than we could possibly have imagined. The observational evidence points to a universe that is roughly 5% ordinary matter, 25% dark matter, and 70% dark energy. The dark matter binds galaxies and clusters of galaxies together, while the dark energy exerts repulsive gravity, driving the acceleration of the expansion of the Universe.

During this talk, Dr. Robert Scherrer, Professor and Chair of the Department of Physics & Astronomy, will discuss the evidence for dark matter and dark energy, the properties of each, and ongoing searches to discover the particle comprising the dark matter and to pin down the exact nature of dark energy. After the talk and question-answer session, there will be viewing at the Seyfert Telescope (weather-permitting).

Tickets are available beginning March 7. Only 100 seats available. Click here for tickets.

Open House Days & Telescope Nights

Tickets are available one month before each event. Please note that these events sell out quickly, so plan ahead to avoid disappointment. There are no Open House or Telescope Night dates in the months of December, January or February, because Dyer Observatory is closed. Visit our Open House Days and Telescope Nights pages for tickets and more information.

2017 Space Science Summer Camp registration is now open

The Dyer Observers Space Science Camps support middle-school students in their exploration of the worlds of science, math, engineering and technology, and opens up their minds to future career possibilities in these fields.

Dyer Observatory will host one camp for rising 5th-6th graders during the week of June 12-16 and one camp for rising 7th-8th graders during the week of June 19-23.

Please visit our Summer Camp page for more information and the application. Click here.

2017 Bluebird on the Mountain Season Tickets are SOLD OUT, but a limited number of individual tickets are available for each concert. Please see our calendar page for details. Direct questions to info@bluebirdcafe.com.


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