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Visiting Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory

DYER IS CLOSED TO VISITORS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. The staff is available by phone and email. We are offering online events. Please scroll below to see if any are listed.

You are also invited to check our social media (@dyerobservers on FB, Twitter, and Instagram) for updates and upcoming online activities.

Please email or call 615-373-4897 with questions. We will post further updates as they are available.


Join an upcoming online Star Party!

Dyer Observatory’s Dr. Billy Teets and astronomers from the Barnard-Seyfert Astronomical Society, Bays Mountain Park & Planetarium, the Memphis Astronomical Society, and the McGill Space Institute will offer a fun evening of stargazing that promises to be engaging for experts and beginners alike.
These are “any weather” events and programming will depend on the clarity of the skies. Questions from viewers are welcome during these lively, engaging events.
Events are FREE and presented on YouTube. No registration is required

NEXT Virtual Star Party – Saturday, May 22,  8:00pm CT / 9pm ET

CLICK HERE to join an upcoming star party or revisit a past one.



New for 2021: Monthly Astro Calendar

We have selected the top astro events for each month: notable sights in the sky, interesting launches, and historical highlights. Be sure to print, post, and share!

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD a PDF to print or a PNG for your computer desktop.


Bluebird on the Mountain update

May 11, 2021 announcement:

We will NOT be hosting a virtual or in-person concert during May.  We were recently notified in a campus-wide announcement that Vanderbilt’s Covid-19 safety protocols and mask requirements on and off campus will remain the same for the time being; however, the university’s Covid-19 safety protocols working group will submit recommendations later this month.  Once we have more information regarding any changes to protocols, we will be better able to set up a plan for this summer and will, of course, provide you with the details as soon as we have them.  If revised restrictions do not permit us to hold a Bluebird on the Mountain concert series at Dyer this year, we will be in contact with you regarding how we will proceed further.

Thank you all so much for your unwavering patience and support as we work to finalize our plans.

The full announcement and more general concert info are available HERE.


Summer Camp Update

April 1, 2021 Announcement:

It was decided that we will not be having summer camps in 2021. This was a very difficult decision for we consider our camps to be one of the most important things that we do at Dyer Observatory. We look forward to having campers and all visitors as soon as we can, but the safety of everyone is paramount.

We hope that you stay in touch with us through our website plus Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (all @dyerobservers) and join us for events announced on those platforms.


Educational Resources for Learning at Home

Visit our Educational Resources tab to access organized pages with links to lessons, opportunities to sign up for newsletters, interactive online tools, and our fun Quiz and Puzzle page!

View a fun talk by Dr. Erika Grundstrom where she discusses fun and rewarding “Community Science” opportunities for students and adults of all ages. It’s true that almost anyone can contribute to research from the comfort of their home! Interests from galaxies to bird watching are included.

Click here to access our video lecture page.

Click here to visit our YouTube Playlist that features past and upcoming videos.


Featured Video

NASA’s Voyager missions were launched over four decades ago and continue to claim the title of humanity’s farthest explorers.  Embarking on a Grand Tour of the solar system in the late 1970s, the two spacecraft would not only make numerous ground-breaking discoveries as they visited the gas and ice giants, but they would also give us some of our first (and in some cases only) up-close views of our distant solar system neighbors.

The Voyager missions continue to inform us about the outer reaches of the solar system more than 10 billion miles from Earth, for they continue to radio home to this day. In this talk, Dyer Observatory’s director, Dr. Billy Teets, will discuss the history of the Voyager missions including their engineering, major discoveries, and what they are up to today.


Support Dyer Observatory

We proudly serve the public as a member of Vanderbilt University’s Division of  Government and Community Relations. Many of our programs are made possible by the generosity of alumni, friends, and neighbors. Your gift will make a tremendous difference to our efforts to bring science education to the next generation of explorers both locally and around the globe.

To make a donation online, click here. The form is automatically set up to earmark your funds for Dyer Observatory. For information on how to send a check, please visit this page. If you have questions regarding a gift, please contact the Gift Processing Office at or call (800) 288-0082. The staff, university, and community thank you for your generosity!

Have an Event at Dyer

Crowning one of Nashville’s tallest peaks, Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory offers park-like grounds, distinctive spaces, and celestial viewing–making us an exceptional venue for social and business events.

Please visit our Rentals page for more photos and information. Your rental fees help fund Dyer Observatory outreach efforts. Thank you!

We are not currently hosting rentals, but our event coordinator is available to provide updates and plan your future event.


Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory
1000 Oman Drive
Brentwood, TN 37027 (not on the main campus)

(615) 373-4897

We are closed to visitors the months of December, January, and February.

Staff can be reached during the months we are closed.

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