Stellar Finds

  • “Video Tranquilizer” to Reveal Mars Canals

    “Video Tranquilizer” to Reveal Mars Canals

    This article appeared on the front page of the May 11, 1957, Nashville Banner.  Read More

    Jul. 31, 2020

  • A DeWitt Lunar Eclipse

    A DeWitt Lunar Eclipse

    Lunar eclipses are a celestial treat, but for many observers it seems like either the clouds know when to interfere or the eclipse inconveniently happens during the early morning hours. Read More

    Jul. 10, 2020

  • Cheeky chipmunk

    Cheeky Chipmunk

    This cheeky little fella raiding the bird feeder outside of Dr. Teets’ window is a common Eastern chipmunk (Tamias striatus). Read More

    Jul. 2, 2020

  • Slice of a Meteorite

    Slice of a Meteorite

    Happy Asteroid Day!  Today marks the 112th anniversary of the Tunguska Event. Read More

    Jun. 30, 2020

  • ISS and Atlantis Flyover

    ISS and Atlantis Flyover

    It seems like only yesterday that we would see a news segment about one of NASA's famous space shuttles blasting off of the launchpad from Kennedy Space Center. Read More

    Jun. 20, 2020

  • Northern Red Oak and the Derecho

    Northern Red Oak and the Derecho

    The Dyer Observatory grounds enjoy a large number and variety of trees, but we still hate to see one go. Read More

    May. 26, 2020

  • Russia Plans Second Sphere news article from The Nashville Tennessean.

    Russia Plans Second Sphere

    The Space Race took off in earnest with the Soviet Union’s successful launch of Sputnik I on October 4, 1957. Read More

    May. 20, 2020

  • Cumulonimbus Calvus Cloud

    Cumulonimbus Calvus Cloud

    As an astronomical observatory, we most look forward to perfectly clear skies which allow us to see distant cosmic bodies, but on occasion we enjoy lovely surprises cooked up by the Earth’s own atmosphere. Read More

    May. 18, 2020

  • Lizard Demonstrates Infrared Spectrum

    Lizard Demonstrates Infrared Spectrum

    When we set out to show you science in a whole new way, we often mean that literally. A popular demonstration we include in our summer camps showcases infrared light. Read More

    May. 15, 2020

  • Muriel Mussells Seyfert – Artist

    Muriel Mussells Seyfert – Artist

    This Nashville Banner clipping from March 18, 1952, announced a one-night art show at the Ryman Auditorium that featured Muriel Seyfert, wife of Vanderbilt faculty member and future Dyer Observatory director, Carl Seyfert. Not only was Muriel an accomplished painter; she enjoyed many talents… Read More

    May. 14, 2020