Get to Know the International Space Station

Get to know the international space station

Quiz Yourself and Others with Fun Facts

The International Space Station (ISS) continues to be a wonder. Its orbit takes it over 90% of the Earth’s population and it has been continually occupied since November 2000. Find out fun facts such as how many millions of lines of computer code keep it running and how many nationalities of astronauts have served.

Take an Interactive Tour of the ISS

With this google link, you may use your mouse or cursor to pan, tilt, rotate, and explore the interior of the craft.

Watch: Everything About Living in Space

Of course, there are YouTube videos! Here’s a great place to start. 

Watch the ISS Fly Overhead

It is very easy to see on a clear night if you know when and where to look! Here you can access sightings for any location, sign up for alerts, track the station live, and have your FAQs answered.

View Nashville Sightings

Heavens Above

Set to your location and date, then click on the blue date text to bring up an easy-to-use map of the flyover. The link is set to Nashville sightings–which you may need to toggle to the current date.