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“Video Tranquilizer” to Reveal Mars Canals

Jul. 31, 2020—This article appeared on the front page of the May 11, 1957, Nashville Banner. Because the Dyer Observatory was still a relatively new facility, opened December 27, 1953, news of any advances or changes were regularly reported in the press. This piece announced that a “video tranquilizer” was designed and fitted to the Dyer’s main...

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Cheeky Chipmunk

Jul. 2, 2020—This cheeky little fella raiding the bird feeder outside of Dr. Teets’ window is a common Eastern chipmunk (Tamias striatus). Even though this member of the squirrel family primarily dwells in a complex underground burrow, it is not afraid to make a climb to get a cheek full of favorite treats. Eastern chipmunks are the...

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Lizard Demonstrates Infrared Spectrum

May. 15, 2020—When we set out to show you science in a whole new way, we often mean that literally. A popular demonstration we include in our summer camps showcases infrared light. Infrared (IR) means “beyond the red” and is typically not visible to human eyes. Its relatively long wavelength puts IR on the electromagnetic spectrum between...

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Muriel Mussells Seyfert – Artist

May. 14, 2020—This Nashville Banner clipping from March 18, 1952, announced a one-night art show at the Ryman Auditorium that featured Muriel Seyfert, wife of Vanderbilt faculty member and future Dyer Observatory director, Carl Seyfert. Not only was Muriel an accomplished painter; she enjoyed many talents including being a renowned astronomer in her own right. In this...

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